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Touristic objectives

  • Mikes Castle- hitoric monument - an inoperable advanced state of disrepair
  • Béldi László Castle - historic monument - headquarter of the townhall
  • Béldi Ferenc Castle - historic monument - Functional - returned to former owners, currently under renovation

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Home Preventions campaigns

Campanii de prevenire

Prevention burglary

It is very unpleasant to find your house broken. A very important aspect of burglary prevention is the need for a prudent behavior, in fact, some simple rules to follow that can keep the position. Introducing so few,, tips,,:

  • •Think carefully before inviting a stranger into the house on several occasions (parties, repair); not exclude the possibility that you create great inconvenience.
  • Keep your ticket at the door or answering machine messages, the content of which to certify your absence.
  • Do not display various valuables and avoid discussions of household goods.
  • •Valuables that are small (money, jewelry) to be stored in inaccessible places, avoiding,, hiding,, traditional (wardrobe, drawers, library).
  • •It is recommended that jewelry or any other valuables are kept in bank deposits.
  • •When purchasing electronics don't store its packaging Sight (balcony).


If you notice a theft in the house, call the police immediately 112 - the single emergency call.