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Touristic objectives

  • Mikes Castle- hitoric monument - an inoperable advanced state of disrepair
  • Béldi László Castle - historic monument - headquarter of the townhall
  • Béldi Ferenc Castle - historic monument - Functional - returned to former owners, currently under renovation

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At 18 km from the city of Brasov and 14 km away from the city Săcele Budila,the length of which spans a distance of about 2 km, is situated on both sides of the road connecting villages and Tărlungeni Teliu.

primaria budila


In the north, a distance of 5 km from the village is the village Teliu and 5 km southwest of the village is situated Tărlungeni. Even at the edge of village on the east lie the Carpathian hills called Dobromir Hill and Hill Ortoşu. In the south of the village hills Meet: Rambam, Draguşu, Vijbe, separated by Ducşoarei Valley Mill Valley in the south-east stretches Plain Barsa.



Relief - Located at the contact between the hills and plains, has two forms of relief: plains and hills. Budila village is situated in the Carpathian Curvature in the mountains and is part of Barsa Plain. Sita on the contact line between the hill and plain Transylvanian Carpathian Ruthenia Barsa settlement enjoys the advantages of both natural geographical environments, and if we consider the presence of only 10-12 km Buzau Mountains eastward common, we can say that they enjoy benefits all three geographic environments, with roads open to mountain beauties Ciucaş;


Climate - Is temperate, with an average temperature of 25C. Average annual rainfall is 700 mm in the bulk.


Flora - specific area is mountainous and foothill feature temperate zone. The main wealth of the hills of the commune is the forests of oak, beech, hornbeam and fir. Sunny slopes of the Carpathian hills available to citizens commune significant amounts of berries (raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, cranberries, rose hips, buckthorn), herbs and various mushrooms spcial.


Fauna - not different from that of the county, meeting here: deer, deer, wild boars, bears, wolves, foxes, squirrels, rabbits, etc.


Basin - The hydrographic network is relatively rich, but is mostly mountainous area, a cross waters have low, falling across the basin of Olt


Soil - Budila village soil is brown forest - textured sandy loam and yellowish brown soil - sandy loam texture, with quality productivity: III-IV.

Territorial administrative data:

Total area: 5915 ha, of which:

  • intravilan: 150 ha
  • extravilan: 5765 ha


Surface land use categories:

  • agricultural: 2049 ha
  • nonagricultural: 363 ha
  • pasture: 834 ha
  • fan: 582 ha
  • forrest: 3503 ha


Number of housing: 1172


Livestock species in households:

  • cows: 162
  • horses: 196
  • pigs: 385
  • sheep: 1475
  • birds: 3450


Total population: 4114 inhabitants, of which:

  • Romanian: 3178
  • hungarian: 679
  • germans: 2
  • Roms: 252
  • other nationalities: 3