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Touristic objectives

  • Mikes Castle- hitoric monument - an inoperable advanced state of disrepair
  • Béldi László Castle - historic monument - headquarter of the townhall
  • Béldi Ferenc Castle - historic monument - Functional - returned to former owners, currently under renovation

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Home Budila History


Existence commune Budila is mentioned in the book "Székely Zöld." This work contains the date 1211 which marks the arrival of the Teutonic Knights in Barsa Depression parties, where they sat as lay people. Their coming made residents Budila to retreat to the highlands, Ducşoarei Valley, about 2 km east of the current commune fireplace.


In 1214, after the Mongol invasion, King of Hungary, Adalbert IV donated Budila territory Dumitru Prejmer scribe. In 1332 listed as the Budulai common belonging in terms of administrative Saint George. It is not known under what circumstances and by whom it was donated to the village ruler of Transylvania in 1405.


The oldest known document attesting to the village it is a sarcophagus which is engraved the following: "tumulus General D. Clementisa BELDI OF uzoni TRIUM SEDIUM SICULICALIUM SEPSI KISDI ET Orba SUP ..... REGIUS CAPITENEUS ...... VERO ..... EXPEDITONIBUS Victoire .... RELI .... PROPG ...... ..... 1677.D.6.FEBR STADIO AETATIS XXX. "


Regarding the origin of the common name, the word Budila is of Slavic origin and means plant stinging, irritating.


Common Budila is related to some historical events in the past people namely Michael the Brave in 1599, passing through the gorge Buzau mountains to Transylvania, out of the Valley population Budila Teli went out, bringing gifts as a sign of submission.


Around the year 1612 the city of Budila was destroyed Pani the ground. It was later rebuilt in a more beautiful and stilted, making nest Beldi Pal.


This period is marked by a series of wars between fiefdoms which causes him to leave the city on Beldi Pal Budila when Mikes Kelemen send troops to conquer Beldi's property.


A release about the wars between feudal lords shows that Beldi Pal to mislead the enemy, put horseshoes horse backwards, because they do not realize which way to run. Full of anger that could not catch Mikes Kelemen destroy mercilessly beautiful city to the ground. There are opinions that the city of Budila were connected by underground tunnels from the city of Braşov. These underground passages have been preserved until today, hovering a few feet below the location of the school.